Yeezys or Die


In perhaps one of the most epic comebacks of our time (exaggeration), Adidas is wowing today’s youth culture with their selection of sporty jackets, joggers, and of course, the sold-out Yeezy Boosts. However, if you google Adidas, these popular items are not what you’ll find-at least not right away. Regardless of the progress this brand has made in their never-ending  race to catch up with Nike, the older styles of Adidas shoes seem to be what’s remembered- perhaps not just by the Google search engine. Efforts are made by the company’s website to promote the newer merchandise- slides of the Boosts that are not sold out, futuristic Tubular shoes, and soccer jerseys scroll by the front page of the site. However, wouldn’t it be best to draw in costumers by capitalizing on the popularity of not only the Yeezy Boosts, but the name behind it-Kanye West? Yes. If they want to show the “New Adidas,” they must rid the public of the white-tennis-shoe-with-three-black-lines stereotype and push the new gear full throttle-while they still have our attention.

It’s Yeezys or die Adidas.



images-1.jpeg                             Unknown.jpeg


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